About TGI Life Sciences

TGI Life Sciences is a highly effective recruitment partner that offers their clients more than just a service provider. We achieve this with highly experienced consultants that seek to understand each and every clients growth and development goals.

Our critical success factors are simple, we identify, attract and secure highly specialised technical professionals.

The life sciences industry has become more competitive than ever for the right talent, and we partner with businesses that understand this in order to form an effective relationship that gives our clients access to this highly sought after talent.

We mirror the industry and operate in 2 key regions, the European and the US market.

We pride ourselves on our humility and honesty around our capabilities and seek to only work with businesses and on mandates that we truly believe will be successful in. This is why our business has thus far been built on repeat business and that over 80% of our permanent recruitment is on a retained basis.

To complement our successful permanent business we also cater to specific contract/freelance needs. Again in line with our business model this is looked after by highly experienced consultants that ensure this flexible resource is fit for purpose.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for our clients and candidates alike to see us as their number one valued recruitment partner.

  • We do this as we understand that the Life sciences field is one that depends on innovation, excellence and the highest standards.
  • TGI Life Sciences is a recruitment partner that mirrors these core needs.
  • We are a highly versatile business that works with our clients to ensure their business goals are met.
  • We do this by simply providing the best talent in a timely and cost effective way.
  • Our culture is one that enables our consultants to have the autonomy to tailor approaches to their client’s needs.
  • We fully understand that every business is different with their own unique challenges. Therefore we believe our service offering needs to be in line with each individual business’s needs.


Compello Staffing Group


TGI Life Sciences are proudly part of the Compello Services Group which is a Company of specialist staffing businesses including business and recruitment outsourcing services.

Compello operates a diversified group under a management equity modelled structure where key management hold a meaningful stake in the businesses which they run. We believe there is a direct link to client and service performance when key leadership and employees are invested in the business. Fast decision making where resources of the business can be flexed up or down to suit the needs of the client ensure positive outcomes are achieved.    

The group has been operating at the cutting edge of HR, Talent Acquisition and Manpower management services for over 20 years working with clients to plan and execute effective people attraction and retention strategies. We invest in and use the latest tools, technologies and techniques to ensure our clients are ahead of the pack in securing the talent they need to grow their businesses.

Service capabilities include contract and permanent recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, workforce management, HR consulting and business service support in key employment markets in the UK and Internationally.

The entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit is what defines the Compello Services Group and this ensures its clients, which range from start up’s to global organisations and government agencies, are able to achieve greater organisational performance in the highly competitive and mobile employment market.


Contact Us

We have offices in Europe and North America. Go to our contact page for details.