Your Health and Security

Taking the job is one part of the process. Ensuring your health, safety and security is another – and just as important. TGI Life Sciences sees this is a vital stage of your career process and we provide total piece of mind.

Security and Risk Assessment

Your safety and security always comes first. Working in hazardous locations, on volatile products or in unusual locations can be bewildering at the best of times.

We will ensure you are fully informed about the place of work you’re going to, including risks and potential threats to be aware of and avoid. We are constantly updating our knowledge and advice to ensure you are living and working in a safe environment - wherever in the world you are.

Medical Screening

In many locations, there is a requirement for workers to undergo health checks. General health-screening is usually sufficient, however from time to time it is necessary to go beyond the norm and we can advise you at the time. Peace of mind that you are not risking your health at work is paramount.


TGI Life Sciences provides tailored insurance options to cover you anywhere in the world. Our company has corporate agreements in place with the leading insurance companies. The cover includes medical and dental treatment, optical care and in-patient/out-patient cover among others.

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